Welcome to our semi-annual newsletter. Our mission is to relieve poverty in developing nations by providing the necessities of life, including food, clean water, clothing, education and/or shelter to children and families who are underprivileged.


We currently support two programs in South Asia. We are a supporter of the Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community located in Arunachal Pradesh, India. This Community supports almost 100 children in the Monpa region of North Eastern India.

Our second program is the Stay-in-School Nepal education support program for school girls in remote Eastern Nepal in partnership with two Nepalese NGOs. This program was initiated in late 2017 for the new school year. We currently sponsor 60 girls whose families would not otherwise be able to afford the local school expenses such as school uniforms, supplies and books. The support commitment is for 5 years to allow the girls to reach grade 10 and the standard country wide aptitude testing. We have reduced the expected drop-out rates and increased the likelihood of children graduating high school. Our target for this program is to have 100 girls being supported by next year.

Excited new students added to our Stay-in-School program

The full cost of the program for the 100 students is expected to be $25,000 per year or $250 per student. Your support of one or more of the students in this program will be greatly appreciated. Please email Adarsh at amehta@my100percent.org if you want further information about this new sponsorship opportunity.

New student girls receive their annual school supplies


When we created Jhamtse Canada in 2014 we took on a broad mandate to support multiple programs that we thought would be worthy of your and our support. With the creation of our second long-term international program we completed the process of renaming the charity to My 100 Percent to better reflect this broad mandate. Nothing will change in terms of how we operate. We (Jeff and Adarsh) have committed to fund all the administration costs with our donations. One hundred percent (100%) of your contributions will go to the worthwhile projects of your choosing. We will continue to support Jhamtse Gatsal and the Nepal Stay-in-School programs.

We wanted the new charity name to reflect our multi- program mandate for self-sustaining development and how we operate. We will continue as a volunteer-based organization and keep administration costs as low as possible and personally funded to ensure that 100% of your funds are sent where you want them to go.

Volunteers in Vancouver had another great Just Singin’ Round event in conjunction with the Synergy Collective. The event was held on October 1st at the Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park. The date for next year’s event is October 6th so mark the date and don’t delay in buying your tables and tickets. If you purchase your tables and tickets this year before December 31 you would receive another charitable donation in 2019.

Jeff will be visiting Nepal in November 2019 to meet with the 60 students we support, their families and the schools. We are planning a field trip for the girls to take them to a university neares their village. We want the girls to be introduced to and understand there are great opportunities beyond Grade 10 for those who wish to apply themselves.


My 100 Percent completed its fourth year as a registered charity in 2018. Below is the summary of the audited financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2018. The complete audited financial statements are available to review on our website at my100percent.org under the News/Events heading.

Revenues 2018 2017
Donations $59,952 $76,264
Fundraising & Interest 9,111 9,235
69,063 85,499
Annual Audit 2,745 2,836
Supplies and Travel 1,712 1,463
4,457 4,299
Programming & Other
Jhamtse Gatsal, India (10,331) 40,340
Stay-in-School, Nepal 7,159 2,250
Unrealized Losses 5,156
1,984 42,590
Net Surplus for Year $62,622 $ 38,610
Accumulated Surplus $193,016 $130,394

In 2018 we raised almost $70,000 while limiting administration expenses for the year to $4,457 or just 6% of revenues and consistent with the $4,299 spent last year.

During the year certain funds advanced to Jhamtse Gatsal in 2017 were returned in 2018 resulting in the credit shown under Programming. Their approved foreign currency agent was suspended and they have not replaced the agent nor achieved status for receiving funds directly from abroad. This has made advancing of funds to Jhamtse Gatsal more challenging than in prior years.

We have accumulated a surplus that allows us to remain committed to support of Jhamtse Gatsal and to enable the launch of our 5-year Stay-in-School program in Nepal with confidence that we can maintain annual funding of programs that children depend upon to achieve great things. Excess cash is currently invested in the preferred shares of well-known financial companies such as Great West Life and National Bank to earn interest of approximately 5% per annum. This is a much better rate than can be achieved through bank savings accounts or GICs.

These preferred shares do fluctuate a small amount in market price. At December 31, 2018 there was unrealized losses on investments of 5% or $5,156 as shown in the summary. These unrealized losses have reversed in 2019 and would currently show an unrealized gain if sold today.


We have a volunteer Board of Directors that meets periodically to review information, approve the audited financial statements and help plan activities. The Board of My 100 Percent is the following individuals:

  • Linda Bertoldi, LLB Retired Partner, Bordner Ladner Gervais

  • Mark Foley, President, Jhamtse International

  • Jeff Jenner, CA, CBV, CEO, Potentia Renewables Inc.

  • Adarsh Mehta, MSc, MBA Vice President, JRC Inc.


We have a small and dedicated group of volunteers in Vancouver who organize a successful event for the charity. We would like to reach other potential volunteers to support the Vancouver event or plan a new event in the Greater Toronto Area. If you are interested in volunteering or creating other events for My 100 Percent please email Adarsh Mehta at adarsh@my100percent.org or telephone us at 905-990-2464. Donations are always welcome. They can be made by cheque and sent to the address on the header of this page or by Paypal or credit card from our website (http://my100percent.org/donate/). We thank you for your continued support and trust.