Juna on March 8 after her third chemotherapy treatment

It is with deep sadness that we inform you of Juna’s death on March 17th. Juna had very low white blood cell counts after her third chemotherapy treatment and developed an infection. This led to pneumonia that could not be treated in the ICU of the B P Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital.

This picture of Juna as the brave girl  willing to take on life’s challenges is how we will remember her

Juna died in the company of her aunt Dil Kumari Limbu who had left her job  and moved to Bharatpur Nepal to care for and be with Juna through  the treatments.

Juna’s aunt Dil providing her with meals  to keep up her strength at an earlier time in the treatment

The donations for Juna grew to approximately $15,000 and we will provide a summary of the costs incurred. There will likely be unused funds once we have settled Juna’s account with the hospital. We will provide appropriate alternatives that are consistent with Juna’s care for the remaining funds and will let you know as soon as possible.

When the world’s population is facing its own challenges and people are asked to do unprecedented acts of isolation, the support of Juna by complete strangers was a very bright light. That is why news of her death came with such shock and great impact even though we knew there were risks involved.

We thank you again for your generous support of Juna and are so very sorry for Juna’s passing.