There’s a brave social experiment taking place on a remote mountaintop in the foothills of the Himalaya. A former Buddhist monk is seeking to transform the lives of abandoned children through love and compassion. Tashi is especially vulnerable as she struggles to make friends, and learns that love can help heal even the saddest memories.

Tashi and the Monk continues to wow audiences and film festivals in Canada having won 6 awards to date with additional screenings at the World Community Film Festival Kelowna on March 13, the Lethbridge International Film Festival on March 20, the Banff World Tour in London on March 24/25 and in Toronto on March 29th as well as the Atlantic Film Festival for Youth in Halifax on April 30. Stay tuned for additional screenings of Tashi and the Monk in Ottawa, Squamish, and Thunder Bay as well as gala events in Vancouver and Toronto.